Second Mortgages


Need A Second Mortgage?

Taking out a second fast mortgage is simple and easy with Go Mortgages. As a licensed mortgage broker we have numerous private lenders ready to finance your second mortgage at a low competitive rate with flexible terms. We also provide primary mortgage financing for first mortgages. In many instances the best solution for a home owner is a second mortgage.

Many Alberta home owners need money in a hurry for a variety of reasons. Many already have a first mortgage with a great fixed rate. Often the amount of money needed is not enough to justify disturbing or refinancing their first mortgage. An unsecured loan is also an option but the interest rates can be outrageous. If this sounds familiar then you should be looking at a Go Mortgages second mortgage.

A second mortgage can come in many flavours depending on the reason for a loan. Some home owners use a second mortgage for debt consolidation, home renovations, to pay off taxes, funds for investment, vacations and many other purposes. Whatever your reason, Go Mortgages can get the funds you need with a fast second mortgage.

Why Go Mortgages?

As a rule, a second mortgage can be processed and funded quicker than a primary first mortgage. Our brokers have been doing mortgage financing for a long time. Over the years we have assembled a large stable of private lenders who want to finance your second mortgage.

We offer quick mortgage loan approvals, usually within hours on the same day as you apply. Along with fast approvals your Go Mortgages broker will present you with a wide selection of financing options. Our brokers will explain the pros and cons of the different options available. It is our objective for you to thoroughly understand your choices so you can make the right decision that fits your lifestyle.

Get The Right Fit With Go Mortgages

At Go Mortgages we fit the mortgage to our customer. Some home owners donít mind the risk of a variable mortgage, while others are only interested in a mortgage with fixed terms. All we need to know is how much you need, and then we can show you the options and how we can make it happen.

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