Why Use a Broker?


Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

There are many advantages for using a mortgage broker like Go Mortgages in Edmonton. Many home owners handle mortgage financing and refinancing on their own, only to end up over paying. With Go Mortgages you are automatically plugged into our extensive network of mortgage lenders ready to negotiate a lower rate on your mortgage.

Mortgage Broker Advantages

Here are just some reasons you should go with Go Mortgages:

Expert advice at no cost to you. On residential mortgages, brokers are usually paid by the lender. For mortgage lenders this is a standard cost of doing business, or sales expense. However, a broker has a fiduciary duty to look out for your best interest when financing a mortgage.

Brokers Know Where The Best Rates Are. A Go Mortgages broker has their finger on the interest rates in the mortgage market. Brokers know when they see super rates and terms. Often, the best deals do not last long, as the lender has filled their portfolio.

Mortgage Financing Is What We Do. We are on your side. Our brokers have decades of mortgage financing experience. We know the market and which lenders are sitting on surplus funds to lend. Unless you are financing mortgages every day it is hard to tell if the mortgage rate and terms you are being offered is a good deal.

Fast Service Ė Fast Funding. Mortgage financing is routine with a Go Mortgages broker. We know the paperwork and have a sophisticated infrastructure to process mortgages fast. Our brokers know the lenders and the lenders know our brokers. This is one of the reasons Go Mortgages gets our customerís mortgage funded fast.

The Two Biggest Mistakes in Mortgage Financing

The first biggest mistake you can make is leaving your mortgage financing to the last minute. Timing is everything when it comes to getting the best rate and terms on your mortgage. In some situations, the more time a broker has, the better the odds of finding that super deal. The savvy home owner wants to be in a position to pounce when a great deal is available for a limited time.

The second biggest mistake is blindly renewing your mortgage without talking to a broker. According to industry stats more than half of home owners renew their mortgage without proper interest rate research. A savvy home owner gives Go Mortgages a call and often finds out the renewal rate being offered is not such a good deal after all. If your mortgage is up for renewal you should be talking to a Go Mortgages broker.

Isnít It Time To Call A Broker?

Odds are if you are reading this, you are actively shopping for a mortgage. Let a Go Mortgages broker do the leg work to find the best rate and terms for your mortgage. Give us a call and a broker can answer any questions you may have on your first or next mortgage.

You can also start on your way to saving money with our simple application for a mortgage.

Ask a Go Mortgages Professional to contact you as soon as possible
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